Cameron Davison Photoshop

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Date:05 Oct, 2014


Client:Cameron Davison

Cameron Davison Photoshop

I met Cameron Davison just over a couple of years ago now on Facebook and I quickly learned that he’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever come across when it comes to creating, manipulating, changing, editing and doing just about anything with Photoshop. Not long after I’d been speaking to Cameron he showed me some of the speedart that he’d done on Photoshop, which I believe is where people are given a certain number of theme packs that they can use which contain various images, backgrounds, objects etc, and are then given a set amount of time that they have to create their desired image within. I was left completely in awe when I watched the videos of Cam creating the Photoshop images on YouTube, and still to this day I always look forward to seeing what his next creative piece of art is going to look like. His work is a really great example of the creative expression that can come with having low latent inhibition.

Please choose the explore option at the top right of the page to see Cameron’s work, which I’m sure you’ll agree is extremely impressive.