Dale Webb Forest Photography (inc. Wildlife)

Young stag looking at me

Date:22 Oct, 2014


Client:Dale Webb

Url:N/A - It's just a hobby of mine

Dale Webb Forest Photography (inc. Wildlife)

The weather was quite nice outside a couple of weekends ago so I decided to go for a walk in the forest near where I live (with the aim of photographing some flowers, mushrooms, trees etc to give to my girlfriend to help with some of her university art, textiles and design work).

While I was walking along one of the dirt tracks with my headphones in, I randomly remembered that I had to make an appointment for something in the nearby town for the following weekend. So as I’m talking to the girl on the phone who’s booking me in for this appointment, something moving in the distance catches my eye all of a sudden (due to my low latent inhibition I’m constantly noticing the smallest of things/discrepancies in my immediate environment). It only takes me a second or two to realise that what I’m actually seeing is a large pair of antlers moving as the stag that they belong to is rubbing them against a tree trunk next to where he’s positioned.

At this point I’m really tempted to hang up the phone on the girl without finishing booking myself in for this appointment  because this great sense of urgency that comes over me “Get off the phone NOW else you’ll miss what might be some incredible shots here of this stag and hopefully any other deer that are near him”. I couldn’t bring myself to be rude enough to hang up the phone however (my extroverted nature kicking in there) but luckily once the call had finished after me rushing it as much as possible, the antlers were still in sight and i could hear the stag calling which they often do during mating season.

At that point I decide to sprint (as quietly as I can with some coins in my back pocket and my camera bag and accessories hanging around my neck) over to the stag and see whether I can get any good shots.

I was really in for a treat as it turns out that despite me having lived near this forest for my whole life, I don’t think I’ve ever captured any photographs as satisfying as these.

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