About this site

This site was made in an effort to provide as many people as people, either with or without low latent inhibition, a means to express themselves and to show the world how they are able to shine creatively. 

Over the course of the last few years since I was diagnosed with low latent inhibition I have come into contact with some extremely talented and creative individuals of all ages, who haven’t really had a chance to express themselves as they’d like. 

I’ve also met a lot of people both with and without low latent inhibition who simply can’t get enough of anything creative or artistic, whether that’s music, videos, photography, drawings, paintings etc, the list goes on! 

Given that the nature of low latent inhibition is very much stimuli based, I decided it’s time for there to be a place with as much positive, expressive and creative stimuli as possible for people to both share their own expressions and also experience other people’s. 

I wont be able to include absolutely everything that’s submitted to the site given that the demand has already been extremely high and at the moment it’s only myself able to add articles and to populate the site, but over time I hope to have a few people helping me with adding and maintaining site material and I’ll then be able to make sure that more and more things are added.

Given the site is still extremely new, it will take a little time to include all of the features I’d like to have on the website such as a forum, full social media integration etc but it will all be added in the near future. 

Thank you all for visiting the site and I hope that there’s a little something here for everybody.


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