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peter ho 3

Peter Ho – Rubik’s cube king

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I was recently contacted by Peter on Facebook via one of the low latent inhibition pages. He mentioned that he’d like to be featured on the website so I took a quick look at his Facebook page and saw a few videos and photos and I was extremely impressed by the speed and skill he

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holger wildlife

Holger Heinze Photos

Here are some of Holger’s amazing photographs. You can see more of them at his Facebook page here.  

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grace 4

Grace Su Photos

Here are a few examples of the type of photography that Grace has featured on her portfolio website. She uses some very powerful colours in her photos which helps potentially portray the powerful emotions that some people would get from actually looking at the scenes in person:

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Stag looking at me

Dale Webb Forest Photography

Here are the photographs of plants, animals and scenery that I took while I was out on my walk. 1) A young deer with it’s mother and father in the distance. 2) A beautiful looking stag where we were both looking straight at each other as i took the photograph. 1) A very majestic looking

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Colour Wheel Orb

Jacob Toohill Featured Drawings

Here are the drawings that Jacob sent in to be featured on the site.

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catarina paints

Catarina Garcia

Here are some examples of Catarina’s creative expression:                     Please visit to see her full portfolio

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