Dale Webb Forest Photography

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Stag looking at me

Dale Webb Forest Photography

Here are the photographs of plants, animals and scenery that I took while I was out on my walk.

1) A young deer with it’s mother and father in the distance.
2) A beautiful looking stag where we were both looking straight at each other as i took the photograph.

Youngster with parentsYoung stag looking at me

1) A very majestic looking stag who’s antlers had just caught my eyesight in the distance as I spoke on the phone as mentioned in the post originally. A magnificent looking animal.
2) The same stag calling out, a noise which you can often hear during mating season.

Stag looking at me

Stag calling
1) The majestic looking stag with a young deer and a female.
2) Side profile of that same stag.

Stag with baby and mum

Stag 1

1) A large mushroom in macro. The texture on it’s surface really caught my attention.
2) A bright colored, lonely looking mushroom. Really caught me eye given that it was the only bright looking thing in that area.

Mushroom 2

Mushroom 1

1) Very colourful little buds.
2) Another shot of the buds.

Flowers 2

Flowers 1

1) Bright yellow colored but with some nasty looking spikes
2) I found the coloration of the leaves really interesting.

Cool leaves

Flower 1

1) A view of the distance above the strong color.
2) A view focusing on that strong color.

Bracken 2

Bracken 1



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