Holger Heinze Photography

holger collage

Date:16 Nov, 2014


Client:Holger Heinze


Holger Heinze Photography

Holger is a good friend of mine who has low latent inhibition also, and although I had seen a few photographs on his Instagram account in the past I had no idea just how many amazing photos he has under his belt.

He recently linked me to his Facebook page that he has specifically for the photographs he’s taken, and I was very surprised to see just how many great pictures he has taken, of all types of things. He’s travelled to quite a few places in the past and has definitely taken advantage of the brilliant eye for photos that he has and his photographs really do offer such great insight into the ambience and awe felt at wherever he was at the time.

I spent ages looking through all of his pictures and when I’d finished I asked him whether I could feature some of them on this site, I was very impressed and also envious of the brilliant opportunities that travelling had presented him with to take these magnificent photos.

Please choose the ‘Explore’ link at the top of this page to see a few of them, or take the link to get to his Facebook page.