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Jono Renton Photography

The other day I had a website brought to my attention via Facebook and thought I’d have a look and check it out. I’ve really started to get into photography myself recently after spending years admiring the work of other people, and since I’ve started taking photographs myself I have a new found appreciation for just how hard it is to get the ‘perfect shot’, or sometimes to even be happy with the shots you’ve spent all day actually taking. Within seconds I was incredibly glad that I’d taken the time to have a look, and that feeling didn’t wear off for quite some time!

The website I’d had brought to my attention was that of Jono Renton ( and his portfolio of photographs which appear in front of you on his homepage gripped me straight away. Within seconds I was determined to look through every single photograph on his website because I found that they had this very special appeal to them, specifically the main gallery which is the first set of photographs that you’re presented with.

What I found was an absolutely stunning set of landscape photographs which all include a central feature, whether that be a tower, a tent, a bridge or a hut or a series of other very attractive focal points. It was while I was looking through them that a common theme I felt I can really relate to, set off this great feeling of realization inside my mind which quickly turned into an insistence that i check to see whether they all have a similar style.

The common theme that I recognized was a theme of isolation, peace, solitude. In each photograph there was an object or a few similar objects that were surrounded by very vast landscapes, which I can imagine many people would interpret as the object (or series of objects) looking a little out of place, odd, not quite fitting in and always setting itself apart from everything else in the scene.

I imagine a strong majority of people with low latent inhibition (and also many people without low latent inhibition) as they’ve gone through life have at times felt very isolated, and as though they don’t quite belong in certain scenarios or settings, but are actually able to take a strangely pleasant solace from that feeling. I think that Jono does an absolutely amazing job at capturing that very feeling within each of his photographs. They present you with something that you could stare at for hours, something that sort of draws upon your inner peace.

Whenever I have come across canvases that encompass a lot of emptiness whilst bringing about a feeling of comfort I always stop to pause for a while and imagine that I am there, that I join whichever object or group of objects happen to be the focal point of the photograph for me, and that I completely embrace being a part of that scenario.

Jono has given me permission to include some of his images from his website on here, and I would urge anyone to go to his website and have a look, and if any of the images appeal to you more than the others, I understand that you can actually purchase the images on a canvas. Perfect.






All images are subject to copyright – Jono Renton.



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